Abike 2

Our king was very displeased after hearing the news on the battlefield. He immediately scheduled an emergency meeting at the village court at his arrival. He could not believe that a chief would kill another simply because of a woman…a mere woman like he called it. News had been flying around town that I killed […]

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For her sake I woke up early in the morning. Before the cocks crow and sunlight awakens. Straight into the forest, I went to target the fattest of the animals. And right on her laps in the evening I dropped the day’s gain – two antelopes and one cheetah. I walked about like the man, […]

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Friend Yes, I remember. You ran into my tent, like a wild cat; begging me to go along with you; to plead with your father and your mother. To allow you tie the knots with Sarah. You dreamt all night about her while asleep; talked all day about her while awake; you called her your […]