Little Girl, You Made Me Cry

…to the prodigal daughter You made me cry girl. You went a mile beyond my instructions. You made me cry when you spoke words I begged you to keep under your tongue. You made me cry when you took  an act of shame, You grew in it and became queen of shamelessness Your shame is spread abroad […]

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Friend Yes, I remember. You ran into my tent, like a wild cat; begging me to go along with you; to plead with your father and your mother. To allow you tie the knots with Sarah. You dreamt all night about her while asleep; talked all day about her while awake; you called her your […]


Asking for the Divine

I’ve erred and now I’m asking for the divine, Will I reach out to you and you’d hold back? Will I stretch my hands in ready embrace & you’d mock my stance? Are we not kin, sister? I strayed, I was tyrant, I was cold; aloof and unrepentant. I’m over my denial, Your rebuke I […]

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