Village Court 1

As Badejo walked towards his home the only thing that filled his heart was regret. He regretted what he did to his wife the day before. He promised himself to go in and beg his damsel, Aduke. He would touch the dimple on her cheek and Aduke would burst into laughter and also reply with […]

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Little Girl, You Made Me Cry

…to the prodigal daughter You made me cry girl. You went a mile beyond my instructions. You made me cry when you spoke words I begged you to keep under your tongue. You made me cry when you took  an act of shame, You grew in it and became queen of shamelessness Your shame is spread abroad […]

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Little Girl Don’t Cry

  Little girl don’t cry, little girl don’t cry They have all deserted me you say All hope is lost; all matters are worse But girl, you look to the sky and still find the sun as company Don’t cry… Little girl don’t cry, little girl don’t cry There’re just crumbs of bread and few […]

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Witches’ Tale 2

Words cannot explain Tanwa’s feelings. Several appeals were made by herself and by others on her behalf, first with the chief and secondly with the Ifa priest. None of the appeals seemed to blink an eye of her worst enemies at that moment. She took the last option which was to give up hope. She […]

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Cries and wailings have become popular in Akuje. Many homes have been hit by the ravaging tragedy in town. The most popular question has become “who is next in line?” The recent toll of dead firstborns puts the number at twenty-seven. The most recent tragedy is the death of the king to be, Prince Adetuba. […]

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Iku (Death)

In Aka village our most dreaded enemy was iku. The one we fought with all that we had. We have had other enemies at different times but they were all defeated. This one is extremely powerful. He and his army from the kingdom called Aye were fierce and had no mercy.  He wore on him […]

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For her sake I woke up early in the morning. Before the cocks crow and sunlight awakens. Straight into the forest, I went to target the fattest of the animals. And right on her laps in the evening I dropped the day’s gain – two antelopes and one cheetah. I walked about like the man, […]

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