On this page I’ll share the inspirations behind a number of the articles I have posted since I started this blog.

Trust me, the people around me do not know me as much as the the readers of this blog. My thoughts, my convictions, my confusions probably, are displayed here. These things people around me may not know. My favorite disposition is the one on the display image – deep thoughts. There, the thoughts keep flowing. Recently I have not had time to do much of that, so my writings are born out of inspirations here and there.

I start from the last post.


We can get so used to “church” and “pastor” to an extent that we feel like there is nothing new. I have an experience with that and I should warn anyone doing that. The words came to me in my sleep and on Sunday morning before I went to church I had already finished writing cos they won’t just stop coming.


I wrote this post at a time I was offended. I had a rush of emotions. The post is divided into two. One part demonstrated my feeling – “Betrayal”. I feel friends should cover for one another especially in public. If you claim you are my friend, you shouldn’t wash our dirty linen in the public. If we have a problem, let’s fix it in private. Don’t wash me in public.

The other part lists what I felt friendship should be like. You can’t call me a friend if you do not go beyond “How are you”. It should be deeper than that and I expect those from people that call me friend.


It’s an interesting thing to be able to self-evaluate. Evaluate yourself and understand what kind of person would be suitable for you. Sometimes the ferry tale love that we see in other people are not supposed to be. This one came after some quality time of thinking about a previous “someone” and a realization that “we are not meant to be”.


Simple. Just thinking about platonic relationships, marriages, and other forms of relationships. I extrapolated a certain friendship I had to “marital”. I realized I’d have to say…let’s wait till tomorrow. Human beings are complicated. Chaii, even me! Usually, the story is like… “I like this part of you, I don’t like this part of you”


Like I love to do, I get my “me time”. Here I do not like any presence around except the unseen or the one that would be unnoticeable. I get my mind rolling, put my pen to paper and get some meaningful thoughts.

This post came from one of such times, same thing with “There was a time”


The influence of conscience on humans is huge. I am an example. Why do I bother to apologize to someone even though they don’t know I have done any wrong? I do wrong a number of times and I don’t get to rest until I clean it up as prescribed by my conscience.

This post was borne out of the intense consideration of my feeling after I did wrong. I just couldn’t walk by the one I wronged with my face straight until I say “I am very sorry”.


Oh! I love Ravi Zacharias! I love philosophy a lot. I can’t explain enough how excellent it is for me to be able to consistently listen to a christian philosopher regularly and listen to intellectual discussion on the subject of God; His existence, infinite power, etc. I learn from Ravi weekly and some thoughts of mine are drawn from his messages. Please visit his site and get wisdom for yourself.

This post can be credited to a line of Ravi’s thoughts.


I got a book from my mentor in the Engineering business. 18 minutes by Peter Bregman. These days I have problems reading at times because for every line I read multiple thoughts fly through my mind. This post is a product of such thoughts.


I love this post. I think it is my best.  It was inspired while going through a blog in the wordpress community. The lady wrote about the recent shootings in Kenya by the Al-Shabaab terrorists – The Garissa attack. All in the name of religion. I could imagine the horror, the pain. Much more than the outcome, I thought about the fundamentals, the root cause, the belief systems behind such attacks. Then I came across Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “God Has No Religion”. My thoughts developed and my ink touched paper.

The writing has some ‘twists and turns’ read with understanding.


I have a friend and I treasure our relationship. We had good times together, laughed all day and always looked forward to seeing each other. One day, things turned around. Our friendship became cold and in the period we denied each other of what we loved – our company, I got into my thinking mood and thoughts welled up.

“I never saw this coming. if I had prepared for a day like this, i’d be able to handle this. Truly when all is ‘rosy’, we should prepare for a time when things won’t be the same”

IF I HAVE NO LORD                

This one came when I had no time to get to my table and write. I was very busy that week in another state on a field work. We lodged in an hotel for the whole stressful week. So here comes Friday and everyone was glad to end this episode. My group organized a party. Music, drinks, pepper soup (too much detail… lol ).  Here was this fellow who partied all night. He drank ‘heavy’ alcohol to stupor. When he retired he went to bed in a very bad shape. In a few minutes he woke up vomiting. The sight was scary, and for hours and hours he did the same thing – vomit. My thoughts came alive – “This fellow is harming himself. This “lack of self control” can kill. If a man has no rules guiding his conduct, he becomes a dangerous man to himself and to other people.

In my busy schedule, these thoughts would not cease to flow. They were so fresh that days later when I had chance to put pen to paper I was able to ‘flow’.


Oh! This one. Love held me and I would be away from Love soon. This came during the strong “I miss you” period after I traveled on a long journey, away from my sweetheart. In pursuit of some personal goals, I traveled to the east, several miles away.


More to follow…

2 thoughts on “INSPIRATIONS

  1. Lovely idea. People often wonder where we writers. get ideas from but the truth is we get it from banal that we all frequently visit. I might have to borrow this concept too. Nice one


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