Keleina! O Keleina! You have turned from the path you once followed Many steps you took in reverse And just as it was foretold, Your body has changed into glittering crystals… Crystals of salt standing in the rain There was a time you led us in worship when your foundation was rock-solid Heaven came down at […]

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Lifelong Walk

I want to walk you home… One centimeter after one Your steps in my boots With my hands in your gloves Every footstep we count   Mylady, Do you really think That when the door knob turns I’d allow your fingers slip away? No dear. I’d save the last step… for eternity.

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Love Song of a Father

My Son, listen to the song of your father, Attend the words as they paint colorful flavors and tasty hues of love My song is a story with mysteries which gives love a face Swallow my melody, listen attentively and chew the curd of this Ode: Love woke me up to lay me down, I […]

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Asking for the Divine

I’ve erred and now I’m asking for the divine, Will I reach out to you and you’d hold back? Will I stretch my hands in ready embrace & you’d mock my stance? Are we not kin, sister? I strayed, I was tyrant, I was cold; aloof and unrepentant. I’m over my denial, Your rebuke I […]

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