My Fire is Brighter

Many a time, our daily routine are not what strengthens the most important aspect of our lives. In such instances we need to withdraw ourselves once in a while away from the noise and get alone with our soul and commune with God.

For those in need of such, this is for you.

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Part 4: The Prophecy

Once again I had my spirit inside my body. I came back from the dead. The black night continued. I tried and tried to keep the thoughts out of my mind. The hope of a community with no fear of the devil made me want to consider the words in the scroll. I pulled my covers […]

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PART 2 -The Scrolls of Old

Right before my eyes I grow old like Grandpa. My late night imaginations are waning. Am I losing faith? Daily as I set my mind on course to imagine darkness looms. Last night all I could believe was the devil would grow old and become weak. As it played out, He had no more energy to […]

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