Abike 1

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For her sake I woke up early in the morning. Before the cocks crow and sunlight awakens.
Straight into the forest, I went to target the fattest of the animals. And right on her laps in the evening I dropped the day’s gain – two antelopes and one cheetah. I walked about like the man, I raised my shoulders and told her my brave story – how I hid and silently followed the animals’ trails.


My spear that has never failed me and my arrows once again did their job. But right in the middle of my story she walked out, shaking her head in utter disappointment. I wondered and asked myself “is it not enough?”

On Tuesday I ran to the river alone. I sailed deep into the middle, where Banjo last saw the ooni. That’s the biggest animal in our waters. I dived inside and wrestled with…

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