Keleina! O Keleina!

You have turned from the path you once followed

Many steps you took in reverse

And just as it was foretold,

Your body has changed into glittering crystals…

Crystals of salt standing in the rain


There was a time you led us in worship

when your foundation was rock-solid

Heaven came down at the sound of your singing…

And Angels rounded off with sonorous clapping


You taught our children once to pray

and spoke the words of comfort to the aged

But now, curses and abuses fill your mouth,

Your feet, once beautiful are the habitation of worms and maggots,

dwelling place of bugs you picked from the house of wantonness


Your bed is filled with different scents…

Different odor of several men

It’s no longer the place of dedication

Where you knelt down and met with the Savior

battle 2.jpg


O! dear Keleina!

It’s hard to find the words…

Words to quantify our sighing

… our battle with darkness

And our wrestling with wicked spirits.

We wrestle to have you back

We wrestle to keep you firm

…In the congregation of the righteous

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