Little Girl, You Made Me Cry

…to the prodigal daughter

searching under rain

You made me cry girl. You went a mile beyond my instructions.

You made me cry when you spoke words I begged you to keep under your tongue.

You made me cry when you took  an act of shame,

You grew in it and became queen of shamelessness

Your shame is spread abroad and my name carries the lot

My little girl, you have made me cry.


I had instructed you to keep your innocence

To be kind to the stranger and lift the burden of the destitute

But I lifted beseeching hands when I found you in the company of harlots

Your innocence was lost in the wild…

your virginity had slipped away in a hurry

I swore it was another but for the mark on you from birth.


You used to be the only princess in my palace,

The joy of my reign,the envy of the maids…

but you took your portion and left for a far country…

Spending your substance on riotous living

drinking and feasting with wolves and hyenas in sheep’s colour


My little girl, with a grieved soul I pray you…

If you still have your breath,

Should the wolves spare your life,

and the hyenas refuse to devour you…

Please locate the trail of your coming

And take the journey of your freedom.

Father’s love calls for you,

A second chance awaits you.

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