Our small little gatherings

Where hands are clapped and prayers are said

Are the only places where our population is kept sane.

Church gathering

Small little gatherings

Where the thief promises to steal no more

The angry decides against anger…

Are the only places where our souls are purged

And we are able to stand before our savior


Yes it feels we may have gone too often

Several times a day, and many times a week

But just like the ocean, every handful seem insignificant

But the day it dries up, we beg for drops to satisfy us

Like the rich fool begged Lazarus to cool his tongue


When the ocean dries

The angry would give much voice to his temper

Gossip would creep in slowly from underneath the door

Lust will embrace us like an old friend

We’d look in our souls and see plenty dirt.


The fish can never breathe outside the waters,

The bird cannot find lift without air,

Our souls cannot find satisfaction,

And the heart cannot be made right…

Outside our small little gatherings


  1. I love this! I really love it! Many countries who despise the potency of our small little gatherings are paying for it darely now. Families who do are now wondering how they got to where they are now. Marriages who do are now wondering how they got to the point of divorce. Good one Ayo!


  2. One day, a man just about to commit suicide entered into one of our small little gatherings to pay his last respect. Before he knew it, he ran forward, knelt down and asked for forgiveness when he saw the savior’s face. His life got meaning because of “our small little gatherings”


  3. “Everyone went from strength to strength because they appeared before God in Mount Zion”
    Our small little gatherings.
    “Do not forsake the gathering of the brethren as the manner of some is”
    Our small little gatherings.
    God bless you Sir!


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