Hi guys. Who believes with me that there’s more to friendship than the eyes can see. Please tell me here.


Please my friend; don’t kill my mother and promise me babies,

I plead with you little one,

Don’t give me twenty and take away one-twenty

You ask me “how?”

You go on in the open; you stab me in the throat and massage my wounds at night

Then you say: “no one loves you like I do”

back stab


Don’t give me peanuts and take away my treasure.

Cakes don’t last and fruits will perish,

But food for the soul will remain till the end of days.

One time you crept into my safe and carted away my precious – my trust, respect and loyalty.

The next day, you feed me with peanuts and profess how much you care.

You should have left my safe locked and kept your food a thousand miles away…


Like they say to the savior in secret,

We loved you; we love you and would die for you.

But in the open they despise him, criticize him, some even denounce him,

Counting the blood that delivered them an ‘unholy thing’

My savior would turn around in grief…

“Of how much sorer punishment do they deserve

than to be cast into eternity of languish

where sobbing is eternal and worms never die?

Even though it was only in the hearing of a lad they denied him”


Don’t laugh with me and despise my yoke.

Are we not meant O’ brother to be equally yoked under Him?

Our identity is the cross.

Our friendship lies in these…

Body, Soul and Spirit



Don’t watch me sin and live with no restraint

Don’t leave me with whore-mongers and gluttons in the day

and allow my heart to bleed and sob terribly at night

Don’t give me bread and ignore me on your alter

Don’t laugh with me and leave my soul empty, searching for substance to hold

For then my wounds would be open,

and insects would parade…

My sores would be painful,

My sorrows would be many.

I would cry myself sour…

I chose a one who knows not the depth of friendship.

Its deep into the body, pierces the soul and rests with spirit,

Beyond the influence of peanuts


  1. It meets the body, touches the soul but starts from the spirit….

    “deep into the body, pierces the soul and rests with the spirit”… Best line


  2. All I can ever give man is LOVE not TRUST that is the requirements for a life of no disappointment. Love can’t be disappointed only when you mixed it up with trust, you get disappointed but remember is the trust that got hit by disappointment not the love. That is why God can forgive us over and over because what HE give in abundance to human is LOVE not TRUST.

    So AYOPO my good friend I so much love you does not mean an Trusting You.

    By AFOLABI (U. I) An engineer and a lover of ICT world.


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