I have drawn the curtain,


The leaves are green and the flowers are happy,

The sun is rising and the moon is in hiding

When will my eyes meet yours again?


I closed my eyes in quietness

I hope that dreams of you will draw us close

The dreams are real, my love is fixed

My longings are long; my grieving is endless.

Will tomorrow bring us any closer?


The weather is cold and my legs are soaked

searching under rain

My lips, my teeth, they suffer from rain with no pardon

My gaze is searching, my hope is fading

You are not in my summer; you are not in my winter

I wait for you; I search alone.


Tomorrow comes and I would yet travel several miles on foot.

If my legs don’t find your path,

If I don’t smell the fragrance of your coming,

It’d be ten years of waiting for you.

I’d wish you luck and cry out loud…

Maybe we are not meant to be

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