from a lady who is almost fed up…


I want to do forever with you,

Yes, you but not you.



I’ve seen a you that I love,

He makes me fly without wings

but there’s a you I cannot stand.

bad times

I’ve seen a you that is calm,

but there’s a you that sells fish

Who will always gather the fruits and give out the shell

Whether the whole of you becomes lovers with me

Depends on how much of you I see in you

And how much of you are less in you


This can work; you and I get along very well.

This will hit a brick wall; I don’t want to see you at all

Let’s wait till tomorrow… whoever wakes up first.

You or You.


  1. hmm…..nice, real nice….I love this line “Let’s wait till tomorrow… whoever wakes up first….you or You”. Well, while I understand the local context of the line “a you that sells fish”….methinks it should have a global context so its meaning is borderless….just my native opinion nothing literary. Great piece however.


  2. I don’t think you can get 100% of merits in the other person, you’ve got to learn how to deal with the demerits also. Or better still, know how to communicate the change you desire. Cool piece from the genius again, keep it up bro


  3. So long as the person is just ‘almost fed up ‘ and not fed up. Then there’s hope… Relationships aren’t a piece of cake, it takes a lot to get things to work…. Sometimes we think it’s easy to throw in the towel and quit, but in reality it’s harder than giving it a bit more…
    Nice write-up Mr. Kay.


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