There was a time the people was sane,

There was a time we opened our mouth to take in food,

A time we opened our nose and let in air,

We opened our eyes and light flooded them.

There was a time Adam loved Eve,

We knew who we are.

We retained the image of God.


Today we let in air through our eyes,

We eat our food through the nose,

Nothing is the way it used to be,

Our servants ride on horses, our princes walk barefooted,

Today a man looks at another with lustful eyes,

Adam no longer loves Eve, he wants to marry David

Darkness is loved and light is despised.


There was a time the church was a place of worship,

A time the disciples obeyed the master and revered him,

There was a time the Jews knew and served the one true God

But Today;

The church has turned to a place of exchange

of money, of pleasure, of fame and glamour…

Judas has gone wild and has sold his Jesus

The Jews look for God diligently among the Gentiles


We could go on and on and on…

counting many ills that have befallen us

We could keep mourning the fallen walls of Jerusalem,

And keep minding the sickened hearts of our elders,

Their heart can’t recover from the lost glory of the temple.


On whose door do we lay all the blame?

Shall we blame our priest who sit in the temple motionless?

His children have defiled all the women we know

Only Samuel has the fear of God in him

Or shall we blame the minstrels who have refused to play us sweet melody?

Those melodies that remind us of the exodus.


Whoever there is to blame,


There is blood on the neck of those who know the truth but keep their peace.

the truth that redemption is only traceable to the cross.

jesus on the cross

And only at the cross can humanity gain its true colour.

5 thoughts on “THERE WAS A TIME

    1. Hmmm… Laughed out Adam marrying David, can’t even begin to imagine the reality of it literally.
      “Judas has gone wild and sold his Jesus… Melodies about the exodus….redemption is only traceable to the cross… ” my best lines 😊😀

      Liked by 1 person

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