As the sun gradually opens his eyes in the morning, and the birds begin to sing and leave their nests, the sons of men switched from snoring to yawning. Teeth to wash, body to clean, cloths to wear, bread to eat and work to do.

rabbit yawn

I looked on the farmer and I counted,


Three kilometers on his legs, seven hours in the sun, two hours under a tonne; in winter, in summer and in autumn. Sometimes debtors won’t pay on time and on his feet he’d walk four kilometers to knock from door to door, yet he has to survive every time he wakes up after the cocks’ crow.

On the battle field, the eyes that see the moon rejoice; another time for the head to rest on the pillow carved with stone. Every new morning he welcomes the sun; he avoids the bullet, he dodges the spear, he wanders in the bush, he runs from enemies. His mind only calms when night comes again and his consciousness creeps away.

The priest in the synagogue, he has a long waiting to do. He has to pray, heavy burdens for the ones who would not repent. All night he wrestles with insects on the mountains. He prays fervently for their change, but he is sad again when morning comes and the news of David filters in – David slept with Uriah’s wife.

We groan, we moan, we sob, we cry, we carry burdens on a daily basis. Sometimes we think that more coins will take it all away, we think more money will relief all of the pains; but we are left stunned when dollars roll in and our pains are increased. We look on the powerful and envy. Yet the powerful look back at us and wish they are as simple as we are.

For me I hide myself from the world. I sit back in my house thinking that these struggles with pain will not find its way through… But grief held my heart the day I heard that hundreds of our little girls were kidnapped in school. I cried profusely when some came back and discovered they were already pregnant. My grief has not stopped, my heart is not cured.

We are yet to realize,

As long as we are in this house called flesh we cannot have it all. One who understood this once said: to die is gain… But when death comes on which end shall you belong?



  1. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom, that’s why for believers who are not flesh and blood our story should be different, we should live heaven here on earth

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