Every time I stole a coin or cheat my neighbor,

I find myself crying, sometimes sobbing

Every time I inflict pain on a fellow, I leave on me a greater measure

Not because the ones I hurt stab me back,

But because of a man always around, ever since I can remember,

who would break my heart whenever I pierce the heart of another.

His whip never spares whenever I go wrong. whip I have once had my way and taken the goods away,

but suddenly made a turn and begged the ones from whom I stole.

Two teardrops for each one I caused fell from my cheeks,

And on my knees I handed the goods back to the ones I took them from,

because this man had started again.

His whip firmly gripped in his hand, he would not spare…


Judas, after collecting thirty pieces from the plotters,

Could no longer look in the eyes of his master, bounty Cos this man would not leave him to breathe

His paths never straight anymore,

One step forward and two steps backward,

Till one day he bursts his guts in the field,

and died the death of the uncircumcised. Judas I want to do wrong but he is ever watching,

Even after light goes off and sun is down

His eyes and gaze never take a rest

His voice in the dark can’t be mistaken

He’d remind you what was taught in children’s church

How you agreed with teacher that you only reap what you sow

He’d place a load on your chest if you don’t make it right disappointed Sometimes he squeezes the lungs,

He grips the heart and tears the flesh apart from bones

Before morning comes the bed is wet with tears of repentance.


I should be the worst of all wicked

I should be the chief in the house of cruelty

but thanks to the eyes and gaze of conscience

To whom I owe all of my sanity.

One thought on “CONSCIENCE

    I can’t imagine how the world would look without this secret police agent.
    I would have killed, raped, maimed and torn people’s hearts to shreds.
    Thanks for this great piece!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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