Have you seen a man in need?

If you answer me “No”, I’ll say: “Look to yourself”.

If you point at the destitute on the street I’ll ask you to think very deeply.

And if you point to a man on death bed, I’ll realize you know not what true need is.

Have you seen a man whose life depends on that which he has no control?

That’s a man in need.

Tell me, If the ground opens – that which they call an earthquake,

What shall become of those who lie in bed?

Will their dainty meal save them when their own houses fall on them?

The destitute and the one who live in the palace share similar fate afterall.

Look at the mirror; you’ll see a man in need.


Tell me what your fate will be if the air around you ceases

Doesn’t that which you do not see keep you alive?

Can the king guarantee his eyes will welcome the sun after it shuts at night?

Shall the president be safe if the hurricane sweeps through his house?

How many soldiers will fight the monster when it approaches?

And if they overpower it, in which prison shall they keep it?

Another day shall come when it revisits.

A two-time visitor, they say comes really prepared.

My people desire freedom of movement.

And I told them “I’m yet to find a man who has walked to the sun”

You see, my friend… we are not free after all.

All of us! We are in need.

Every man seeks happiness, but a day of sorrow is reserved for many,

That day when the air blows sadness across the sea and the people cannot hide,

All of their properties are covered by the waters of the ocean – In just a minute.

Then they lose control over their own happiness.


Next time you go to the airport

Remind yourself, I am a man in need

‘Cos I need some power to keep this balloon in the air for the next six hours

The man on the street, the man in front of the mirror,

The king in his palace, the soldier in the battle front, the priest in the house of worship,

And here, me on this chair writing on the internet, are people in dire need.

come unto me

But there is one, who has never been in need.

But supplies all to those that ask him.

His own words:

Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest

Matt 11:28

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