Washed in his blood and forgiven all absolutes,

Here I stand saved and sanctified,

Sticks and stones the enemy hurls at me


Yet I forge on in this pilgrim’s journey

Perfection is the goal, crown of glory the prize,

The future seems bleak, my faith yet rises

Hope birthed in me like a ray of light in darkness

The savior is ever near and faithful

He has no record of failure

I cling on tightly to his hem, sailing to glory

Of this I must certainly tell

As my inward parts cannot withhold

The laudation my heart seems to render

The mercy of our God is real

Birthing salvation for the lost soul

His forgiveness and pardon are absolute

Shall I tell of him further? How can I not tell.

Hear ye people, how great is my God!

I ride on the wings of grace

Clothed with favour as with a shield

Showered with blessings and led by the Spirit

Loved divinely and exceedingly above all human comprehension

An Ingrate shall I be if I tell not

My God, your love I proclaim to the ends of the earth

Shall ye tell it further or not?

Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and valleys

Let it be heard in Africa, Asia and all the lands

His death was final and the price paid in full

Alas, victory is ours by reason of His resurrection

Join me to proclaim the joyful song of salvation story.

Written by Teeloye

7 thoughts on “SHOULD I TELL OR NOT?

  1. Proud of you Bro, and yes I got something, I should tell. God bless and increase your knowledge, may he also increase u in wisdom.


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