I woke up this morning with a lot of time in my hands

I promised to read the scrolls, talk to my maker and feed my soul

But for a second I switched on the T.V

In the evening I was left wondering…

Where has my time gone?

 On Monday I planned to read my books,

Till I’m confident about the test coming close

But for a minute I checked the internet

And for another I replied a chat.

With my books still staring at me,

I asked myself at night… Where did my time go?

I will do all in my power to find my time again

The minute lost to slumber,

The day lost to pleasure,

The week lost to the internet,

Five  years gone with only beards to show…


I will pay with all of my savings,

I will travel ten kilometers to find,

I will stay up late to call for it…

But my time seems to have gone too far.

Far away from where eyes can reach

The sea told me it’s in its care

Till I checked and realized it has no end

I swam from the Pacific to the Atlantic

The sky said it has it

I flew from Africa to India

and I found out it’s lost within the air

But the land told me the bitter truth

Time lost today is forever lost…no amount can buy.

I went back home angry, crying, sobbing, wailing, complaining and shouting…


7 thoughts on “WHERE HAS MY TIME GONE?

  1. I think I read this post at just the right time because I have been procastinating a lot lately and I’m trying to stop but end up procrastinating the day I will stop ‘procrastinating’ as well. Lol…
    My favourite line has to be “Five  years gone with only beards to show…”.
    Big Ups!!

    Liked by 1 person

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