I went to God’s house and left my shoes at the gate but the gatekeeper asked me to put them on. He smiled when I whispered “Our religion says not to wear shoes in God’s house”

Heaven's gate...

We woke up in the morning and I watched God very closely:

Expecting him to do what I do in my mornings – close eyes and pray for protection;

But to my amazement, God does not pray every morning,

He doesn’t observe the ‘quiet time’

I thought to myself… God must have forgotten.

Before we sat to eat I expected him to observe the rituals

The rituals I learnt many decades ago.

God did not wash his hands neither did he wash his legs; he did not even pray on the food. He did not observe any and then I concluded – God must have lost his religious manners.

In the mornings he lights the sun for the ones that observe the Sabbath and would not withdraw rain from those that curse them. He causes their crops to yield plenty even though they did not go to the holy land in September.

One who prays five times daily asked him for a child and he gave him two; he gave triplets to another who fasts seven times a month. He gave silver to the ones who do not believe he exists and diamonds found the pockets of the greatest moralist.

In the evening when we went to the earth of men, I imagined where his first stop would be. It must be the synagogue! But God rode on his mighty chariot and halted at the most unlikely door. The door-post of the tax collector! I cautioned him but he would not listen. He even sat down with him to discuss how the day went. My heart filled with disgust as I managed to hang around the sin-laden house but I thought to myself He is the boss.

While the day lasted we thought to visit the newly born babies. He ignored me when I pointed the way to the Palace. I love beautiful children of the palace. But God walked majestically along the smelly paths of the city. The dung on the road, the dirty animals, vomits on the ground, hungry children dressed in sand, and other sights I could barely stand. All these he didn’t mind. God walked through the path and stopped at the manger.

Jesus In a manger

He humbled himself, wore the skin of humans and cried in the arms of mortal men… inside the manger.

13 thoughts on “GOD HAS NO RELIGION

    1. Yes ‘Tee’. If I get the inspiration to continue I will. I hope my message reaches the ones I intend to reach…some of them killed students in a University in Kenya because of Religion.


  1. Religion…Man trying to show man how to be like God.
    Spirituality…Man following the leading of the spirit of God…
    Nice piece man…I’ll read it again and again and again.


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