Man has a jewel, but he knows not

Man has priceless gold, yet he enters the store begging

Since the day he crawled and his teeth started forming… he hasn’t found

The rich and the poor – none has it in less

But no one has come to knowledge

One exchanges it for a plate of porridge

Another trades it for the lips of a woman

But no amount of pleasure can compare


Man runs ahead…

Leaves his gold coin behind,

He labors very hard

But no reward like this treasure is

He runs in folly…in error

Thinking his fame, his wealth, his power, would replace…

Man has lived for long, yet he has not discovered

It took man so long…

Too long my friend,

To sit at his table, in his meditation…

To realize his precious.

Man finally touched his soul


In a long hard cry,

Amidst a very loud shout, man regrets…

He had locked his soul outside his gate too long


His regrets have reduced,

Now on his way to his grave, he’s in touch with his jewel, his gold coin, his precious…his soul

This man now has real wisdom,

His peace…as many as the waters

His soul has drawn him to his creator

He’d close his eyes tomorrow knowing he’d awake

in the company of many angels.

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