If I have no Lord, I’ll disobey the laws of the land and shoot the sheriff if he dares

I’ll promise the lady and later abandon her with her child

If I have no Lord, I’ll do all that is convenient for me and spit in the faces of others

So long it does not bring threat to my existence.


When I sit in my meditation at night,

I wonder where our laws came from,

I wonder where morals came from,

Are they from the nerves that join the brains and the bones?

Or are they from the Lord for whose fear I deny my desires?

If they are not from the Lord,

Then stop a minute!

There must be another lord in my heart,

And not just in mine, but in the heart of many,

Because I see them gather the ruins and drop in the garbage

Those who throw them in the pit do it in the day

while those who throw them on the road do it at night

This is not because the sheriff’s eye is at alert,

It’s because of the lord in their heart

This lord or conscience makes the earth revolve around the sun

Not the rod of the sheriff; it cannot keep the whole population sane

If this lord goes on a break, the earth will be in an extreme form of chaos,

One will shoot the gun at his neighbor if neighbor’s death will make his breath easier.

While I stand from my meditation,

I see that the more everyone obeys this lord, the more coordinated the earth will be.

It is true the Lord created this lord.


Only a higher influence can show humanity how to coordinate

Then it will be right to say that:

The more humanity obeys the Lord, the more order they will experience.

Final thought:

  1. Humanity cannot exist without the Lord ruling over them.
  2. The man with no Lord over him is a threat to himself and to society at large
  3. Those who say religion is the greatest problem of the earth are in the greatest error

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