Son, I’ll tell you of a man.


who wanted to cross to the other side of our river with a BIG balloon. He waited patiently for a boat to carry him over the troublesome waters of our town.

After much delay, others jumped into the river and started swimming. “Jump in Man and swim with us!” They shouted, but the man would not jump. He thought to himself; “My balloon is too big for me to swim with, it’ll drag me back”.

Patience pays you’d say. After a long waiting, a small canoe came along. At first the man was happy to see the canoe, but when it came nearer he was disappointed.”The canoe is smaller than my balloon”. The canoe left him and carried another with tubers of yam weighing more than a hundred times the size of the balloon.

The canoe man would not wait. He knew that if this man carried his balloon into the canoe, they all will be in much danger, not because the balloon was heavy but because his fears were heavy. There would be a shout every time the sharks come close and a great scream when the tides are high. Everyone will get drown in the storm of his fears.

As the day gradually turned into night with all the boats gone, he was left regretting. He bowed his head and wished he had buried his fears. That day marked his seventh attempt to cross the river.

My son, if fears climb up your legs, shake it off before it binds to your loins. Deny it a place in your heart or else you will forever live in the prison yard of plenty regrets.

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