I Gave One And Four I Got In Return

I took my grains and buried in the yard of another and I had plentiful harvest of maize in October.


The more I planted, the more harvest in my store. Till it was tired of taking and begged me to stop planting for the other.

I looked down on the lowly and pulled him up; my strength I gave in exchange of his altitude till my breath threatened to recede. The more I pulled him the higher I got. I touched the moon with my hands and soon saw the stars under my feet.

In the cold of winter when my coat satisfied my body, I took it off and decorated the wounds of the destitute and instead of coldness, warmth was the experience of my body.

I laid my life down for the essence of many. the deeper I buried it, the longer I live, the higher I get. and my life, from one has multiplied to several.

In my emptiness I moved to fill the void of thousands. In my darkness I lightened their paths. In my agony I distributed pills of ecstasy and in my heaviness I uttered prayers for the depressed. I am home for the destitute, voice for the mute and eyes for the blind. My own burden I despise but the burden of plenty men I lift with my shoulder to the altar of solutions.

Fool they called me when I satisfied the bread of the beggar with butter. But those who withdrew their silver came begging at night with their shivers. On them also I had mercy, as deep as my hand could reach I drew coins to satisfy their wanting.

I wondered… I was confused, I sought the wisdom of the ancient. The earth smiled and said: “Your finger pointed at a stranger leaves you with four” (Yoruba Folklore)

Then I realized my life has increased by four; my silver is four times more and my barn is four times bigger. My cattle have multiplied by four and my peace…four times the original measure.

I sought whom I’d share this with. And to me the cloud came singing – I gave out one and four I got in return. I gave rain so much to my emptiness and my friend, I was again filled to overflowing.

And you my dear I have found. The dollar note you hug so closely, leave it in the tray of the needy and four times the value you released will come knocking in the place of your rest.

Give to the poor today.

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