Quiet Solitude – In The Valley of Broken Skulls

Quiet solitude…

broken skulls

In the valley of broken skulls,

The dwelling of black vultures; tearing flesh from bones

Ghosts of many lurking, and calling for more.

Scores of souls departing the body of men,

Walking the road of condemnation and sharing visible regrets

My thoughts in the air, my tongue on a break

Head in-between knees walking along smelly paths of wicked spirits

My voice, no one hears in the serenity of the graveyard,

yet it caused an uproar, more severe than the thunderstorm

Sweat was thick blood dripping from nose and mouth.

I’ll hang down low till my voice travels up high

Into the ears of the saviour.

Shall my breath persevere the night?

and awaken my eyes when the sun rises?

Or shall my flesh the vultures divide?

and the spirits my soul condemn?

First it was the smell; of rotten flesh turned into sweetness,

like the lily-of-the-valley.

My broken skull came together and smooth skin they wore.

My ears welcomed songs of happy rejoicing;

My eyes opened and beheld the splendor of heaven.

My groom said to me, welcome home…your sins have been blotted out

Lay to rest; in the mansion I have built you.

Col 1:13

Who has delivered us from the power of darkness into the kingdom of his dear Son:

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