Love Song of a Father

My Son, listen to the song of your father,

Attend the words as they paint colorful flavors and tasty hues of love


My song is a story with mysteries which gives love a face

Swallow my melody, listen attentively and chew the curd of this Ode:

Love woke me up to lay me down, I slept wide awake

Love drew the curtains; the dancing shadows raced away

Love cleared my tears and tore my heart from fetters of fear

Love’s potency outlives demise, yet he lived a life that died my death

Love’s banner covers for more than skin deep, Tis a stranger only to those who with ignorance are tight friends

Love’s song beats out the noise and metes syncopated rhythm with silence

Love is a diet balanced and presiding over indulgent appetite

Love bit his tongue; my voiceless words have free course

Love is thicker my dearest, sweeter than butter

Attend to my words; let your salty savour pelt away my sour thoughts

Your name, like wild flames, gathers fame

Lovers crown you a blind dame

Mad men configure you as a game

I will bid you, kiss their lips shut and burn their tongues and tail

But Love, you are far too tame

Where is your light?

Show us to stay on your path and let us follow their tracks

Where is your wind?

Breathe on us, let us float in with our status as your subjects and you’ll be our liege

Love will be, love will heal

Love has been, love should lead

Love is real, love is His nick

Love is deeper my dearest, deeper than deep

1 Jn 4:8

The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

One thought on “Love Song of a Father

  1. Lovers crown you a blind dame…”Love is blind”
    Madmen configure you as a game…”Love game”
    Nice piece, I just imagined these words in a song


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