Asking for the Divine

I’ve erred and now I’m asking for the divine,

Will I reach out to you and you’d hold back?

begging cat

Will I stretch my hands in ready embrace & you’d mock my stance?

Are we not kin, sister?

I strayed, I was tyrant,

I was cold; aloof and unrepentant.

I’m over my denial,

Your rebuke I can grin and abide,

But will you deny me the warmth of your smile; father?

I bruised your love; its wounds have scabs and long scars

I flogged your ego riding on your soft side

I bit your fingers when you offered

My confessions are several and now I’m sober

Will bent knees be a step to stir your trust again, lover?

My heart’s been bedridden, my mind’s been sick in thought

If tomorrow I am forgiven, shall we be as before?

This time, I’d heed your words

This time, I’d get involved

This time I’d bear the cost;

I’d walk the talk

Will these changes, our friendship restore?

I’d etch “sorry” on a thousand hearts in calligraphy

and with different fonts, if it would make you see my sincerity

If you still see no ground to receive my plea,

Remember the place of cleansing; even the Mercy seat?

T’was there we were first offense free and declared non-guilty

Psalms 51:3

For I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is ever before me


Written by Amy

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