140 Days in Captivity – Letter Beyond Chibok

You won’t see tears rolling down my eyes anymore

The ones that came yesterday rolled back in at the shadow of my captors


I have shed many tears, many looked on but no one could see

140 nights have passed since that baneful night

When the boots of the devil smashed my face

And my body dragged along the forest into captivity

Every night that has passed has birthed terror

As the sun closes its eyes I pray it never reopens it

…times I stole a knife to cut my throat

…times I pulled the trigger but halfway

…times I wanted to run so they’ll shoot me

But what stops me, I know not

All I do to harm is cut hairs on head and swallow them with waters from eyes

Wickedness here parades its loftiness and rudely shuns the good of our very essence

Evil resides here; our roots kiss its soil and are forced to live on its nutrients

Only I skip night food cos I complain about my stomach

The men, they feed on this meal and it drives one to tear another’s throat in carnage just like rams

And make another rape us, defiling our maidenhead while reeling out “She’s sweet”

These days I put up no fight, I pretend as if I enjoy it

I take solace in dreams of the night

Dreams which remind me of days I painted my lips

I even used to curl my eyebrows

These days lips are bare and eyebrows are straight

Life cast furrowed eyebrows looking my way,

kissed me with bloodied lips,

and wished my dreams a happy nightmare

All I want is to go home

To clean the tears of mother


And heal the heart of father

I wonder if anyone cares

If anyone kneels down at night and speak to Yahweh for me

 For how long shall I live under open skies with a thousand trees as prison bars when my bed lies empty in Chibok?

 Chibok – The land of plenty blood.

To whom it may concern…

Written by hayokay009 and Edited by Amy

8 thoughts on “140 Days in Captivity – Letter Beyond Chibok

  1. so touching. I love ds piece intact I love read and scroll. each of your write-ups always mk me wanna do good always. if and only if all of us can form the habit of doing good, the society will b a beta place to be.

    keep it up AY.


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