An Angel’s Conversation With God – Part 2

Yesterday when I put fire on the rooftops of men

They all ran out in hasty panic

Roof on fire

Husbands left wives on the bed

Mothers ran ahead without minding children

They stampeded wisdom and broke his arm,

Ignored knowledge who cried for recognition

They walked down the way of the four-horned beast

after promising good safety in his abode

and gold and silver and fame

Only bow before me and I’ll give you these kingdoms your eyes can see

You’ll sleep all you want till death takes you below”

But they say he is a liar and the father of it

Because they slept on beds of thorns and laid their heads with scorpions

They were bound with chains; snakes crawling in and out of their bodies

Then they cried out for wisdom

“If only knowledge would dip her hand in water and cool our tongue”

Now they do hard labour for the devil with heavy stripes for every broken brick

They cry and cry before their meal of one penny

Now they wish they had stayed awake at nights when angels come.

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