An Angel’s Conversation with God PART 1

The angel opened his mouth in deep regret to say:

Yesterday when I went to the earth of men, I found them very asleep

All men shut the light of their souls while their lamps were out


  They have no oil in the lamps at the doorpost of their houses

As I knocked to drop their daily bread I was greeted with lengthy snores

Its loudness which was heard miles away…

No one even opened the scrolls to read


No room had fire in its lantern

All lay helplessly on their bed waiting for the dawn of morning

By then, the ravening lion had stolen and stolen

And the evil bat hovering about their rooftops

But before I turned, I saw the light of a soul

A lad who has seen only ten winters

He lit his candle that night

In readiness to intermeddle with all wisdom

 My cheeks curved into sweet smile as I dashed towards him.

At his door I left all the blessings meant for the ones who snore.

…Just because he lit his candle at midnight.

God’s Response

I still seek the one with whom I’ll share all knowledge

Shall it be with those who sleep all night?

Today, when you visit the sons of men

Put fire on their rooftops

Increase it as their snores increase

Until they jump up and seek wisdom

And make their bed with the knowledge of old

Until man realizes the power within

The power that created the stars of heaven


Part 2 in a few days

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