Part 4: The Prophecy

Once again I had my spirit inside my body. I came back from the dead.

dark cave

The black night continued. I tried and tried to keep the thoughts out of my mind. The hope of a community with no fear of the devil made me want to consider the words in the scroll. I pulled my covers over my face and waited eagerly to descend into the pit of deep sleep. The quietness of the night was constantly interrupted by the sounds of owls, bats and creatures with neither face nor form. It appeared they were making evil melody to the terrorizing beast with four horns. Suddenly in the midst of the strange sounds that characterized our nights my heart thumped. Did I hear it alone? The voice of a human so loud! First it was screams that carry no message then, distinct words that mind could relate with. I was sure the screams would penetrate the ears of the fastest asleep in the whole of our thirty-six caves.

The answer lies with the one that has the scrolls! All the answers are in the scrolls! The only way the ravening lion will be put to flight; you’ll find in the scrolls. To the one with the scrolls I say: the moment you read and your fingers burn with great heat, what you read that moment is the solution everyone seeks. Wait for it. It shall come to pass soon.

Suddenly, my doors flung open. This time they had plenty of Sakabula and they were chanting the devil’s rhythm. They took everyone they found and gathered them at the North-East part of our land. As I hid in the banana plantation of our baale I watched keenly from a sleeping position.

images 2

Then, “Separate the men from the women. I will ask only once! Who has the scrolls?” First, there was a great quietness then shots from the revered Sakabula. All the men who were initially bound with chains lay lifeless on the ground. Cries, wails, sobs, deep sighs and groans were all that proceeded from the women as they watched life escape from their husbands, fathers and children. My sobs were countless as I wiggled my way towards the mountains, holding the scroll tightly. Then my mind played the message I saw in the scrolls about the ravening lion.

He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he that ruled the nations in anger. He makes the earth to tremble, shook all kingdoms, made the world as wilderness, destroyed the cities thereof and opened not the house of its prisoners.

I promised, that day to read all the words in the scroll till I find the portion of it which will make my fingers burn with great heat.


2 or 3 more parts and we are done. 

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