PART 3 The Devil, Ebola Came in on Bat’s Wings

They say in our community: every ink that touches a scroll is lost forever. Our people never read. I was on a mission of rescuing the lost ink of many many years.

reading scrolls 

As the rays from the scroll penetrate my thick lenses and fall on my eyes, I could not confine my thoughts around the perimeter of the scroll in my hands. My thoughts traveled to the outskirts of our community where it was said the devil came in through.

bat devil

This time the devil landed on bat’s wings. Eye witnesses said he killed Badira, our visitor, when he landed on our soil. This time he does not carry Sakabula, the most dreaded weapon in the world. He is known to be wicked, cunning and has the ability to possess the entire body, soul and spirit. When the devil killed Sura; Mogeti, whom the gods gave her as child, became possessed on her way to the burial. She died with blood running out of her eyes and anus.


Now our cries are many, our tears have increased much. Everyone on the street in the devil’s hour is thrust through; many fall by his sword. Our children are dashed into pieces before our eyes, our houses spoiled and our wives ravished. His bows also shatter the young men to pieces and his cohorts have no pity on the fruit of the womb. In our holes we guard ourselves with sackcloth, in the depth of our caves everyone howls and weeps abundantly but silently. Those who caught a glimpse said: behind the devil, on a horse, was death, eight feet and nine horns. They caused a great earthquake and the sun became as sackcloth of hair and the moon as blood. The little stars we saw in our large heaven fell onto our land as a fig tree casts her untimely figs when she is shaken of a mighty wind. Now, our caves are desolate; filled with wild beasts of the desert, owls sing the song of the mornings and of our very evil nights. Why?, I ask myself why won’t we hide and ask the mountains to descend on us?  

My eyes would light up and my body tremble when my thoughts fell back on the rescued inks on the scrolls. First, I shivered; then the scroll fell from my hand. No! I exclaimed. The realities of our days I saw in the scroll. The exact picture! Like the devil was acting out my scroll.  

Before long I read: this day when all these happen; you, who carry this scroll, will have work to do. Finally, my eyes shut and my consciousness crept away.

Watch out for Part 4 The Prophecy

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