PART 2 -The Scrolls of Old

Right before my eyes I grow old like Grandpa.


My late night imaginations are waning. Am I losing faith? Daily as I set my mind on course to imagine darkness looms. Last night all I could believe was the devil would grow old and become weak. As it played out, He had no more energy to move as before. But this morning I woke up to the story of my friend. He already had enough of hiding in the cave. He got up last night, took with him the only lamp of their house and not minding the devil he took to the streets alone. He wanted to write a hero’s story and prove that the fear was pointless. Maybe he could also find his sister whom the devil took on April 14. Now with the lamp gone their cave is thrown into black darkness, much more because the real light of the family, Mutbau my friend did not return. As he stepped out of their cave, first it was drops of blood then a falling like a tree. The spear of the local vigilante group did not miss his throat. The terrified group will not spare any moving object they see since our girls were taken but the devil himself would march on while they be as dead men. With this reality, my imaginations have been lost into thick darkness. I no longer expect the death of the ravening lion.

I don’t believe in myths and superstitions but in desperate times one won’t mind looking for a mouse hole to hide if they say it’s big enough. Grandpa told me the myth of the scrolls he never showed us. The Scrolls of Old. It had a mystical story behind its survival throughout the ages. Only he had the scrolls in the whole land. He said the scroll has all the secret of this life.

Scrolls 2

Whether grandpa believed in it or not… The poor man never read it but treasured it as a highly priced jewel. This scroll which may be my last hope hides where I do not know. I would find the scrolls with all zeal. I’d climb into the highest points of our cave and sniff the most secret parts. Luck came my way and handed the scrolls to me in the darkness of our day when men have covered sunlight with their fears. In the great darkness of midnight I picked my reading lenses and opened to read.

3 thoughts on “PART 2 -The Scrolls of Old

  1. Another nice one…. How did GrandPa know the scroll holds the secret of this life if he never read it?? I wait to read about what exactly the scroll contain in Part3…. #WellDone


    1. Thanks Kabir, you know the way “we” carry myths without verifying it. Many African stories we were told while young about certain objects without verifying it. You’ll get to know more in subsequent parts. Thanks again.


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