I’m Afraid of Good Things

I’m afraid of good things… No, good things that come too early Times I missed it were times I accessed good things… good things that came too early I have mismanaged the throne once It was power that came too early When I was kicked out I protested But now I know…I wasn’t fit I […]

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Abike 2

Our king was very displeased after hearing the news on the battlefield. He immediately scheduled an emergency meeting at the village court at his arrival. He could not believe that a chief would kill another simply because of a woman…a mere woman like he called it. News had been flying around town that I killed […]

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Abike 1

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For her sake I woke up early in the morning. Before the cocks crow and sunlight awakens. Straight into the forest, I went to target the fattest of the animals. And right on her laps in the evening I dropped the day’s gain – two antelopes and one cheetah. I walked…

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My Fire is Brighter

Many a time, our daily routine are not what strengthens the most important aspect of our lives. In such instances we need to withdraw ourselves once in a while away from the noise and get alone with our soul and commune with God.

For those in need of such, this is for you.

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Keleina! O Keleina! You have turned from the path you once followed Many steps you took in reverse And just as it was foretold, Your body has changed into glittering crystals… Crystals of salt standing in the rain There was a time you led us in worship when your foundation was rock-solid Heaven came down at […]

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Tell me what it would be like without meditation If there are no times on lonely evenings when we sit by ourselves and look into ourselves Times we leave the crowded room and sit in the open field With gazes into the sky we paint pictures of desires And with life’s mirror we look into […]

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Lifelong Walk

I want to walk you home… One centimeter after one Your steps in my boots With my hands in your gloves Every footstep we count   Mylady, Do you really think That when the door knob turns I’d allow your fingers slip away? No dear. I’d save the last step… for eternity.

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Village Court 2

The whole villagers began to murmur, they were obviously angry with Asake. Some even began to shout – Stone her! Stone her! But the king calmed them and nodded at Baba Fasakin. Baba, what do you have to say to this? What is your own involvement? Fasakin opened his mouth in regret. Badejo. You were […]

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Village Court 1

As Badejo walked towards his home the only thing that filled his heart was regret. He regretted what he did to his wife the day before. He promised himself to go in and beg his damsel, Aduke. He would touch the dimple on her cheek and Aduke would burst into laughter and also reply with […]

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